Stereo Localization (1)

The Music Telegraph | Text 2019/01/23 [12:06]

Stereo Localization (1)

The Music Telegraph| 입력 : 2019/01/23 [12:06]

▲ Binaural Effect (Stereo localization)

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Stereo Localization




Stereo localization


1. Inter-aural 'Intensity' difference 

- In High Frequency, easier to detect intensity ( HF is very directional)

- But vice versa, in Low Frequency it’s hard to detect intensity ( LF is non-directional)




2. Inter-aural ‘Arrival Time’ differences






3. Inter-aural ‘Spectral’ differences (Frequency differences)

i) Increased/Reduced Highs

ii) Increased/Reduced Ambience

iii) Increased/Reduced SPL (Sound Pressure Level)

iv) Delay



▲ Stereo Localization (Time/Intensity/Spectral differences)    

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