Audio Engineering (Quiz #3)

Audio Processing

The Music Telegraph | Text 2019/10/19 [13:54]

Audio Engineering (Quiz #3)

Audio Processing

The Music Telegraph| 입력 : 2019/10/19 [13:54]

Circle correct answer or fill in the blank.



1. The input section of a console is also known as the:

a) bus     b) channel     c) talkback     d) slate




2. Name the two levels of signal that can be input to the console.

____________ & ____________




3. An attenuation pad will protect which component from overload?

a) fader     b) EQ     c) mic pre-amp     d)pan pot




4. How can we use an auxiliary send while recording or mixing?





5. The pre/post switch will select the input of an auxiliary send to be before or after the:

a) fader     b) EQ     c) mic pre-amp     d) pan pot




6. What will happen when we press a solo switch?





7. The assignment matrix (bussing system) will send the input signal to the:

a) input section     b) output section     c) monitor section




8. The direct output switch will bypass the output section of the console and go directly to the:

a) input section     b) monitor section     c) mix machine     d) multitrack machine




9. The main component of the output section is the:

a) mic pre-amp     b) summing amp     c) output pan pot     d) talkback mic




10. For digital recordings we can not use:

a) peak meters     b) VU meters     c) mic pre-amps     d) summing amps




11. The VU meter is an indication of _____ to human hearing.

a) transients     b) average loudness     c) peaks     d) valleys




12. The switch that determines the input to the monitor section is the:

a) mic/line     b) bus/tape     c) pre/post     d) in/out




13. A return section on a console will bring signals back from:

a) multitrack machine     b) mix machine     c) patch points     d) reverb units




14. The console talkback mic can send the engineers' voice to:

a) headphones     b) studio monitor speakers     c) slate     d) all of the above




15. What is the most common destination for the slate signal?





16. When the dim switch is pressed, the control room level will:

a) lose hi frequency EQ     b) lose lo frequency EQ     c) drop a set number of dB in level     d) mute




17. What is the name of the switches that determine what is sent to the control room monitor speakers?





18. The two destinations for the output section signals are:

a) multitrack & monitor section     b) cue & reverb sends     c) pre/post switches     d) mic/line switches




19. The monitor pan pot varies levels between:

a) L-R stereo output     b) odd-even busses     c) peak/dip EQ     d) auxiliary sends




20. Phantom power is how many volts of DC current?













1. b


2. Line level, Mic level


3. c


4. ‘Auxiliary send’ sends a signal (mixed signal) to musician’s headphone while recording (pre), or it sends signal to reverb machine while mixing (post)


5. a


6. when we press a solo switch, it mutes another tracks except the track which we selected solo button


7. b


8. d


9. b


10. b


11. b


12. b


13. d


14. d


15. All machines are on record mode


16. c


17. Monitor select switch


18. a


19. a


20. 48v DC








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