Music Business (Quiz #1)

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Music Business (Quiz #1)

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1. What is an artist?


2. A songwriter is someone who writes _________, _________, or _________.



3. When you send yourself a sealed envelope containing your song(s), via registered main,    and you do not open envelope, you have secured what is commonly known as __________.



4. What is the best way to copyright song?



5. Copyright form PA is for __________.



6. Copyright form SR is for __________.



7. What does P.R.O. stand for? __________.



8. What are royalties? __________.



9. What is distribution?



10. What is publisher?



11. The general duration of copyright for a song is:

a) the life of the author

b) the life of the author plus seventy years

c) the life of the author plus seventy-five years

d) forever



12. A ‘work for hire’ is defined by the Copyright Office as:

a) done by the employer for the employee’s benefit

b) done by the employee on his/her own time

c) done by a free-lancer

d) done by an employee within the scope of employment or work specially     ordered or commissioned



13. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC:

a) are unions for songwriter employees

b) are trade groups representing artists and producers

c) are performance rights organizations representing publishers and writers

d) are social organizations for musicians and producers



14. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC:

a) retail sales of recordings for the artist

b) production budgets

c) side musicians’ royalties on live and recorded material

d) performance royalties for writers and publishers



15. Which one of the following organization is not a performing rights society?


b) Harry Fox Agency

c) BMI




16. A record producers responsibilities will include:

a) getting to know the artist, selecting material to record, writing songs, musical arrangements, recording

b) recording budgets, scheduling sessions, hiring personnel, mixing, album credits, paperwork

c) balancing the relationship between the artist and the record company

d) all of the above



17. The fee covering delivery of musicians’ and engineers’ gear to and from the gig is called:

a) cartage

b) tour support

c) union scale

d) material costs



18. A good ‘Dream Team’ should consist of: 

a) DJ’s, musicians, engineers, security

b) personal managers, booking agents, lawyers, accountants

c) bankers, bookies, dealers, crew

d) family, friends, high school coach, neighbors



19. Attorneys can be compensated how?

a) by retainers or hourly rates

b) by flat fees or deferred payments or on a percentage basis

c) all of the above

d) none of the above



20. A ‘master’ is:

a) a person that has reached the top of his craft

b) a martial arts champion

c) the original recording made in the studio from which copies are made

d) a slave owner



21. TRUE / FALSE: an expression of an idea is copyrightable



22. TRUE / FALSE: ‘public domain’ means a place where many people can freely hang out



23. TRUE / FALSE: recording artists should resist signing away their publishing royalties



24. TRUE / FALSE: a partnership agreement should include job descriptions for each partner



25. TRUE / FALSE: most major record companies regularly accept unsolicited material











1. A person who has ideas of expressions, and those ideas belong to copyright protection. Artist’s main job is creating these expressive (artistic works based on his/her talents) creative works and disciplines.


2. lyrics, song(music), both


3. Poorman’s copyright


4. Register materials with the Library of Congress in Washington DC with proper forms (PA, SB) and $30


5. Performing Arts


6. Sound Recording


7. Performance Rights Organization


8. Incomes from commercial use of artist’s materials


9. Publishers (Record companies) sell and promote an artist’s materials in market through advertisement and business route (clubs or etc )


10. Entities that make sure your materials (music, literacy, etc) generate an income


11. b  /  12. d  /  13. c  /  14. d  / 15. b  / 16. d  / 17. a  / 18. b  / 19. c  / 20. c


21. True

22. False

23. True

24. True

25. False






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